TVNews Award Scheme 2017/18 (Phase 3)

日期: 2018-10-03 (星期三)
活動類別: 學術活動
Three students from 6A, namely Chan Nickue, Chau Chun Hei and Lam Nga Yan, have been awarded certificates for their outstanding performance in TVNews Award Scheme 2017/18 (Phase 3) organized by HKEdCity. In addition, our school has been presented the best participation award. The 10 students with highest marks last year have been each awarded a book voucher as a token of appreciation. The awarded students are as follows. 6A Lam Nga Yan 6A Chan Nickue 6A Yip Wing Sum 6A Wong Wan Kiu 6A Chau Chun Hei 6A Sy Ka Ho 6A Chan Yuen Yee 6A Tang Valarie Tsz Shun 6A Yau Chui Ying Christy 6A Li Wing Yan Congratulations!
電話: 23422954
傳真: 23445392
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