The Junior Form Essay Competition (2018 -2019)

日期: 2019-06-05 (星期三)
活動類別: 學術活動
The Junior Form Essay Competition (2018 -2019) has been successfully held. The results are as follows:
S1 :
2nd runner up : Winson Wong Wan Fung 1D(29)
1st runner up : John Harry Lau 1D (16)
Champion : Candace Wu Yuet Hei 1A (30)
S2 :
2nd runner up : Dorothy Chan Kit Man 2D(2)
1st runner up : Oscar Lai Man Him 2C(12)
Champion : Lufy Lau Ka Yin 2A (20)
S3 :
2nd runner up : Cheung Yau Yi 3B (6)
1st runner up : Kathy Lo Ka Man 3C (18)
Champion : Dickson Lo Man Ho 3A (24)
Many thanks to the adjudicators (Miss Chiu, Miss Cheung and Miss Hung) for their time and effort.
電話: 23422954
傳真: 23445392
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