Summerbridge Hong Kong English Summer Programme 2021

日期: 2021-08-07 (星期六)
活動類別: 其他活動
Six of our S2 students (Liu Chun Wai and Yeung Ka Chung of 2B, Leung Hoi Kiu, Tsui Tsz Ching Lily, and Wong Tan Tan of 2C, and Liu Hui Ling of 2D) were nominated for the Summerbridge Hong Kong English Summer Programme 2021 in April and they were selected to participate in this free and enriching English half-day programme from July 7th to August 10th 2021. In the past month, the six youngsters have increased their exposure in using English to learn other subjects, like Geography, Biology, and Journalism, under the guidance of native-speaking teachers and support from students from all over Hong Kong. Other than academic gains, the students earned friendships and boosted their confidence in learning and using English.
電話: 23422954
傳真: 23445392
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